Monday, August 21, 2006

Day Four: The Zoo!!! Stephen took off the afternoon and together we metro-ed to the Washington National Zoo. Of course it was fabulous. One could tell it was old, but there were so many completed and under construction renovations that it proved to be a satisfactory habitat for the animals. Of course my favorite was the baby Panda who just turn one a few weeks ago. The turtles were pretty pimp too as I saw bottleneck turtles which look like half snakes half turtles cause their neck and head are so long as they stretch out from their normal shells. The arangatangs were feisty and feeding when we arrived. One male regurgitated his food and licked it onto the glass where it hung sticky and thick. Um gross. Stephen began giggling. Then the mammel began to lick back off the glass the food he just stuck there. The kids around the cage began their chorus of "Eww's" and Stephen laughed like a child. It was pretty amusing.

For dinner, Moxi and I invited Kevin and Stephen to dinner atRoyal Mile Pub in Wheaton, Maryland (my third state to visit this trip - just for the record). When we arrived I discovered that Shredtha and her husband were joining us! I hadn't seen Mox's sister since college so that was a fun surprise. The salmon linguini was delicious even though Moxi made fun of me for ordering a rolling rock with my dinner. We laughed so hard that night at old times that I didn't even care.

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