Sunday, August 13, 2006

What if I miss my plane because the security's too heavy?
What if the plane gets blown up by terrorists?
What if the people who go through the bags get something on the brand new cute dress I bought?
What if the airline loses my bags and thus all my clothes, cute or not?

What if I get lost in the city while site-seeing and lose my phone?
What if I get mugged and lose my ID, my credit cards and my phone?

What if I run into the president and gag?

What if I get homesick for my friends and my cats?
What if I discover I don't actually like to travel and decide to turn back?
What if I decide I miss my parents and fly to Missouri instead?

What if aliens land and take the whole city hostage?
What if I get kidnapped by said aliens and they demand and bajillion dollars and all of Europe for my ransom and the president says, "Eh we don't need her and I didn't like France anyway."?

What if I fall in love?

I mean really, consider the risk.

What if?


Sam Davidson said...

Can we vote for these? If so, I hope you run into the president (not with your car) and gag.

Anonymous said...

hah! Somebody's funny.