Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I love election nights... flipping from channel to channel: local to national to colbert. It's exciting, disappointing, funny (Missouri wouldn't let Mrs. Carnahan vote!!), hopeful and devestating. I like the energy it generates inside me.

But I love cable too. Because cable allows me to watch Law & Order on TNT when I'm too cranky to watch the govenor give an acceptance speech.

As if I won't get enough drama watching the elections, I have to watch the fake kind. At least Jack McCoy is witty.

How did things turn out in Missouri? I never heard the final count on govenor or stem cell research.

Sigh. Come through for the nation Missouri, you can do it. You had it once, show us your spirit for justice and life once again.

Death or life? Pro-choice/life, end of life issues, stem cell research, the death penalty. What is life and what is death and who gets to decide?

We do. I hope you voted.

And we get to choose it too. Every time we choose forgiveness over a gun, peace talks over war, hospitals over hopeful home remedies, we choose life. And we make laws and rules and covenants to help people choose life every day and hold them accountable when they don't.

I too choose life.

And Law & Order.


Anonymous said...


Your words beg for a response. The Missouri race was won by Claire McCaskell (D) who, by the way was elected Senator, not Governor, and the stem cell initiative was lagging early as the rural returns came in, but later passed by the slimmest of margins. With the democrats gains in congress, let's hope they have enough wisdom to take our country back to the type of governing dependent upon cooperation and bipartisan effort. This election was marked by anger, hatred and negativity. It is time to move forward. The US actions on foreign soil may have been the impetus for Tuesday's election results, but there is a bigger picture. NO, I don't want a war in Iraq, but neither do I want a war here... of any kind. The ideology and partisanship must go. Benjamin Franklin said "There never was a good war or a bad peace". I agree. Especially here at home.



jenA said...

I definitely agree with your Pops about war, hon. And I'd hate for you to think peace talks never occurred or were attempted prior to many of the conflicts across the globe.
I believe we are imperialists trying to run the global community, but I also believe history has given us the foresight to see a future problem where others do not.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you moved back to Missouri? I thought you still lived in Texas. Love ya Phil

Anonymous said...

More thoughts from Missouri: I know I'm showing my bias, but it is such a beautiful morning here. I feel like we've been screaming ourselves horse, like 'the building's on fire! The building's on fire! We have to DO something' and for so long all we heard was 'NO, it's just nice and warm in here'. Now that most of us agree there's a problem, we can FINALLY get on with the business of fixing it. All ideas are welcome. (sigh of relief) Last I heard the voter turn out here was 70%! It's a beautiful morning. Andee

Michelle said...

I would also like to see a refernece to hopeful home remedies over hospitals as well. That analogy needs the vice versa.

And as far as this recent war, I don't agree with JenA. We are an imperliastic government that lied to its own people in order to try and secure more oil, money and power. Foresight, in this case, would have shown us that Iraq would have erupted in civil war and this would become another quaqmire (sp.).

And yes, you are right, Ann and Mike. We have the right to choose and choose we did. I agree with you Mike. We do need to move on from the hatred and the "anybody but the Republican" view. We also need to move on from the extreme black and white point of views, the you're either with us or against, you're morals are different from mine so therefore you are a bad person points of view.
We need more love and more compassion towards humankind and the earth.