Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I love Ash Wednesday service.

I love the symbolism of the ashes - that we are all on the same ground before God, that we all fall short, that we are all equal, that we all sin, that we all need help. I love that in the Baptist church the people impose the ashes on each other, because we are all priests. I love watching one family member make the cross on another family member, I love watching the young remind the old, short stand on tippy-toes to reach to forheads of the tall. I love it. Priests unto each other.

I love that I get to participate in creating Ash Wednesday services and that I get to be creative. I've helped plan the past two years at FBC and four years ago at UBC Waco. (I remember Kyle calling me 3 years ago to ask, "Now what did we do last year and can you send me some info on it?") I love that there are so many symbolic acts that can be done to communicate the tradition, wisdom and deep meaning of Lent and Ash Wednesday.

I love that at one time, people took their faith so seriously, that they would spend 40 days in "training" learning about God and the tradition, anticipating being baptized on Easter at the end of their educational period.

I love that those people were willing to wear the ashes, be immersed in water, and rise to new life in Christ because they really believed in who God is.

I love that my friends at Cool People Care suggested not giving something up for Lent, but giving something to...

Ash Wednesday is beautiful, and as you may have noticed, I love it. I just wish more churches celebrated the tradition.

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Unknown said...

I loved the ash wednesday service too. and, tonight. tonight was wonderful and refreshing and i feel so at peace but also energized. just wanted you to know.