Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The moon is a sliver tonight and I don't know why.

Scientifically, I know why: the shadows, the positions, the sun, the earth...

But I don't know why it struck me so. Usually full moons grab my attention. and for a brief moment I am seduced by Hollywood and wonder if I can't really see it inching towards the earth getting bigger and bigger, closer and closer, shooting towards earth where it will hit us and that will really be it; the end.

But the sliver moon? I rarely notice it.

I am more apt to note the circumference that completes the sliver crescent with the dark side of the moon filling in the rest of the circle. That always puzzled me as a kid, why could I see the rest of the moon in shadow? And why could I see the moon during the day when I was supposed to see the sun?

And though I saw the circle finishing out the moon and the darkness filling in the gap, it was the sliver of light i identified with tonight.

And I don't know why.


Anonymous said...

The moon is lovely, but give the people what they want: A DOG BLOG! We need to know more about the newest Pitt and see pictures of her in cute outfits. Get cracking.

Michelle said...

Amen Andee, Amen.