Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wish List

Dear Santa,

I don't have a fireplace. Most Texans don't. Grandma used to say you came in through the furnace in situations like this. I'm surprised I believed her.

So if it's true about the furnace thing, here's some things I'd like for Christmas...

a wii
new windows in my bedroom (just go ahead and put those in while you're here - i don't mind).
a pet turtle
or a pet bird
gift certificates to Home Depot, IKEA, Big Red Sun
movies: Little Miss Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
any cool shoes size 6 women or size 4 children (i'll pass on those pointy things the elves wear though)
funky jewelry (especially earrings or necklaces)
cute long sleeve shirts
plants, especially cactii


Unknown said...

Why do you always ask for pets? You know no one is going to wrap up a turtle for you! You're a nutty buddy.

Ann said...

yeah, i know. but amy asked for a bird when she was in middle school and she got one. but grandma already called and told me a bird would be a bad idea.


Joy said...

at least you didn't ask for crabs.

Ann said...

that is SO rude. there is a context and a fault that lies beyond me to that comment...