Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Full Disclosure

Apparently it's "de-lurking" week in blogland. I learned this from a reader who wrote me an amazing email responding to a blog i'd posted. Her name's Holly.

So... introduce yourself. If you read my blog and I don't know you or maybe I just know you by a "name" with no blog attached to it that I can read, then now's your chance.

Plus you can introduce yourselves to each other. I mean, I introduced Andee to you once and some people said that was fun to meet her. So maybe they want to meet you too.

Or maybe everyone just wants to remain anonymous. I don't know.

But if you don't, click on comment, tell us who you are and sign it.

And "it's nice to meet you."... preemptively.


Kristen said...

Ann, it's me! ~waves hello~ I have you "friended" on iGoogle's reader, so I keep up with your blog. I keep pretty quiet, but I like seeing your updates. I wish I could swing a trip to Austin to see you and Kathryn sometime, but probably not likely in 2010. I hardly ever post on my blog anymore, but I've been adding chunks of my master's thesis lately -- way more Harry Potter than anybody ever cared about or wanted to know. And I was a guest blogger on Are You There Youth? back in November. Fun times!
-- Kristen "kVibb" Jenkins

Naomi said...

Hi, you know me. I have a blog but unless you're my friend on livejournal you can't read most of it, so too bad. I still like you anyway. :)

Michelle said...

Hi Ann! Hey everybody! My name is Michelle. Ann and I know each other in real life. We actually hang out sometimes too! This one time, she watched me give birth to my beautiful daughter. For reals.

Anywho, I love reading Ann's blog because even though we talk a lot, there is a rhythm to her writing that is just mesmerizing.

Nice to meet you everybody!

Josh said...

Howdy Ann,

We know each other in real life. Even though we only see each other on Two Ton Tuesdays.


Joy said...

Officially de-lurking. (Waves from the corner.) I know Ann because I hired her as my personal secretary and then fired her because she got too big for her boots.

Ann said...


That is not true people. Just not true.

It did make me smile though.

Joy said...

Love you, Annie. ;)