Monday, January 04, 2010

My Friends Are Famous II

This is one of my best friends, Josephine Yearwood (what a name, right?). She is famous. Famously limber. Several years ago she even taught pilates in France. And get this, Johnny Depp even scheduled an appointment with her!! (I don't think he showed up though). Anyway, here Josie is featured in this fitness magazine. Pretty Awesome!

P.S. She's moving to Dallas and needs a job, so Dallas folk... HIRE HER!


debra watkins said...

Hi, there was a Josie Yearwood that I knew from Ghost Ranch, she was in college, who was a long distance runner from east texas. She'd be about your age. Do you think this might be the same woman?

Ann said...

hmm... i don't know. i'll ask her.

Anonymous said...

yes, that's me! hi debra! how's claire?!?