Thursday, July 22, 2010

In the Past 7 Days

In the past seven days, I have spent...

59 hours in the air or in airports or traveling
48 hours in Santiago, Chile
44 hours in Austin, Texas
and 5 hours in Honolulu Hawaii

Or you could put it like this...

7 airplanes
1 missed plane
3 free beers
5 bitchy American Airline Stewardesses (oh my gosh, they are the meanest!)
5 security check points
5 movies on a plane (a miley cyrus movie, a chipmonk movie, Taxi with Queen Latifa, 500 Days of Summer and Old Dogs)
4 airplane meals (5 actually but i declined one cause you had to pay for it - gah!)
4 languages (English, Spanish, Hawaiian, Filipino)

In addition, to...

3 preached sermons
4 worship services attended (including the one in the airport chapel)
and 1/2 the Eucharist consumed (I got those Catholics by taking communion anonymously despite their preface of "those belonging to the holy Catholic church may partake..." but they got me by only offering the body. No blood (or wine) in airports i guess.)

But now, I'm on vacation. In Hawaii. On Lanai. So no more numbers, k?

Except maybe four happy people...


Anonymous said...

It's fun trying to do the math on the time frame of your (interesting) post. 2 hrs ago, hmm, sure she's not up at 5:30! Have fun

Anonymous said...

Like the 3 sermons and 500 Days of Summer part.

Gma said...

One number you missed - how many thousands of miles!