Sunday, January 29, 2006

I preached tonight at Mosaic. It was sort of on short notice (not that if it'd been on long notice, i'd of had time to write something new), but i didn't have time to get to the sermon until today... at around 4pm.

So I chose to recycle. Only the second time in my life I've done this. Last night (in attempted preparation) I got out the red binder full of old sermons...and it was a trip down memory lane.

Oh, this was the first sermon I ever preached at UBC! This is from when I was dating Jeremy. This one came after Jo-Bob and I broke up (some names have been changed). And baby Amari! Oh God, do you remember this one? (Only God was around.) Some obviously couldn't be used without some serious editing. I didn't realize how much of my personal life is reflected in my sermons...but it is.

It was like reading my journal.




At the funeral, Jen Alexander came and hugged me. I hugged her back cause I felt like she knew him better than I did or something. She'd been around longer. I needed to comfort her. "He told me once that he was very proud of you," she whispered in my ear and I burst into tears.

It was the second sermon I ever preached at UBC. The second one. April of 2001. I remember it distinctly. He gave me two sermons in a row: spring break.

But, I did better the second time, Kyle. You told me that if you preached as well as I preached when you first started, no telling where you'd be now.

No telling.

But I can take a guess...


Anonymous said...

Hmm...FBC instead of UBC....interesting....

Imagine when you'll look back over 30 years of sermons....But then, that's the backdrop to the "Gilead"....He realizes that when he has retired, he has written more words than Augustine ever imagine that....

it's good to get last minute calls....every now and then :)

I know one place "he" ended your heart and mind...and that's good...

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to consider the long lasting permanence of our choices...especially when we commit them to paper for all to read, hear or view. I love reading all of your words...though I sometimes wonder about the peculiar choices you make. But most of all I am totally and completely amazed at the clarity and common wisdom in those words.
See you the 18th.

Steph said...

i like that your personal life is woven into your sermons -- it makes them accessible. good job, especially on short notice! i would have just sat up there saying "um" ten thousand times with a red face.

Craig said...

I'll confirm what Jen told you: Kyle REALLY enjoyed hearing you preach.