Saturday, June 17, 2006

2 days. My parents were gone two days before I managed to kill 4 plants.

What else is new?

As my mother so politely and poignantly informed my neighbor, Tommie, "Ann's not very good with the yard." That kind of made me mad. But with that sort of preface to yard maintenance, I don't feel too bad.

Plus the plants only cost a dollar each.

Still, 2 days, 4 plants.

On the brighter side, let's count what I haven't managed to kill yet.

The three cacti. (I know, they don't require watering). Half a tree that we planted isn't dead yet. Yet. Umm. The hibiscus that the Nethercuts gave me isn't dead yet. It has no more flowers, but it is still green. All the plants Michelle planted around my front door are still alive(thanks to roomies who watered them while I was gone). And there's the two tomato plants in the back yard that were housewarming gifts that are still growing and also the fig tree (which I admit, isn't exactly doing well, but Michelle's isn't either so that makes me feel a little better).

My thumb has yet to turn green, but it is yellowing.

Either that or i'm chickening out of yardwork. Perhaps it really isn't for me. Perhaps it's the soil. Perhaps it's the weather. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Perhaps if I were in town more than two days a week, I could ascertain what color my thumb is turning.

I'm not bitter, just busy. And the plants are, well... blooming... mostly.

Except the four dead ones, of course.

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