Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Now I'm only melting because of the heat.

I'm in Hotlanta.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Convention is this week and via my job description and paycheck, I'm required to attend. It should be good though. Lots of interesting things on the agenda. Plus my mater is flying in since she's on staff at a church that is seguing into CBF life and I have several friends who are attending.

Although it sucks that I left my house in disarray with a thankful and apologetic look to my roommate who has suffered through the last three days of heat with me in our unairconditioned abode, it's good to be at a place where renewal perches on the horizon.

And Lauren reported that the AC guy did in fact show up today while I was in flight and fixed the problem. The pipes were clogged. Now for the carpet...the business manager at my church is on top of it. He showed up today at my house to help Lauren deal with the AC inspection. Yet another reason why I love my church.

More to come.

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Anonymous said...

you are hotlanta... the indo will do that to you