Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Can I get a witness on how many times I've started a post with "I'm sick..."?

I see that hand. Thank you.

And I'm sick again. Two days before Youth Camp I was throwing up. Now during Creative Arts Camp I have a sore throat that makes me not even want to open my mouth, let alone push air through the vocal chords to produce waves that may resonate through my sore throat.

And of course I'm teaching drama and storytelling. Probably the most quiet, relaxing, non-talk-requiring track of them all.


And the kindergardeners are great. I love reading stories to them and playing with them. But the older the classes get, the more worn out I become and the voice I already don't want to use raises and reminds and tries to maintain a healthy balance between discipline and fun, between audible words and silence.

It's a stretch both ways.

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not called to children's ministry. I love kids, don't get me wrong. I'm good with kids, it's true. But I cannot handle kids in mass quantities. And not kids who all want to be the center of attention in drama class. And not kids who won't listen during storytime or sit down or stop running around the room or who won't respect others or stop talking or or or... augh!

No wonder my throat is sore.

No that's not true. I don't yell at them. It's probably allergies, hopefully not something worse. But if I wake up in the morning and it's still as fat and sore as it is right now, I'm going to the doctor.

I can't handle being sick kind of like I can't handle mass quantities of kids.

They both require me to take mass quantities medicine.


My throat hurts.


sean and mel said...

i want you to feel better

Anonymous said...

put broken record on player now: see to your immune system, ann. fix it. prioritize your health. or you can get sick every three weeks for the rest of your life. tough love accomplished, andee

Anonymous said...

take care of yourself. go to the doctor,now.
love you,
p.s. hmmmmmm! drama students that want to be the center of attention. that sounds vaguely familiar my precious little "drama queen."

Ann said...

based on the low grade fever, swollen glands and my reaction to him thumping my face, the doc says i have allergies and a sinus infection. but i now have medicine that will hopefully treat both. yea.

jenA said...

i'm echoing andee's sentiment here, hon. there's something more wrong with you if you get the same illness 20 times a year. get your allergies reevaluated.
if you're taking antibiotics, you'd better double up on the yogurt and lay off the white sugar/simple carbs for a couple weeks. listen to the freak.