Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm in Orlando having just driven in for my second cousin once removed's wedding. (Figure that one out). It was a beautiful wedding with a very festive reception afterwards. Wine, soup, salad, sorbet, cordon bleu, filet mignon and lots of country dancing. It was quite entertaining. But mom and I drove in from Atlanta at 5am yesterday morning, so by the time the dancing started, I only had three in me. Then I drove Aunt Louise (my second cousin in law's aunt) and Margaret Ann (my first cousin once removed in law's sister) home at 11 and crashed. Now I'm taking a break from the pool to blog about my latest travels. Tonight I fly home to Austin where I will stay for at least three weeks, thank God. It's been fabulous going to Colorado, SWBYC, Atlanta and Orlando, but I'm ready to be home. See you soon Austin!

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